Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I am so incredibly busy doing things
I care absolutely nothing about.

So, before I go completely homicidal,
I had to stop and dig through some old,
unfinished drafts I never posted.
My, how time flies when you have
another crushing deadline,
the morning toast burns twice,
and the cat knocks that
favorite potted plant off the windowsill,
all before 8:00am on a typical Wednesday.
Damn. Damn dammity dammit.

Well. Dilbert made a killing on it.
That gives me hope.
And ideas.

A Moment with a Sad Generic Product of Her Own Environment:

Ron: "What? You haven't heard about (enter name of New Jersey's governor here)? Yeah, he's resigning. Had an extra-marital affair with some guy."

Me: "Wanna hear sad? Unless he's 480 lbs. and fused to a couch somewhere,* my brain doesn't know a thing about it."

*now this is the most tragic thing I've heard in quite some time, and I've heard a lot.


I posted this already I think but hey, here it is again:


cool JFDS video


Ok, back to the grind.
But first, ooOOooooOooo look what I got for my birthday:
participation in
The Genographic Project

"...What is the purpose of collecting DNA for the Genographic Project?
DNA samples are being collected to analyze specific
'markers of descent' in order to probe questions
about deep ancestry and historical human migration."

I've said it before, but honestly, maybe now I'll understand
why I love sushi and can sing like Etta James.
(Actually, it's more of a Judy Garland/Stevie Wonder mix...
but then again, so was Etta James, so nevermind...)


Bubba said...

I would do the Genographic Project, but I am afraid it would tell me that I descended from rednecks from Fayette County. Wait...I AM descended from rednecks from Fayette County! Well, what do I have to lose??

Brian said...

Happy Birthday, dammit!

me said...

I don't detect much of the redneck persuasion in you because of your proper syntax and that you can spell the word "descended." So, it's decided then - you should find out your true roots!

Aw, thank you, dammit!