Friday, March 03, 2006

My first attempt at that crazy thing called "meme".

Please allow time to enjoy the webcammy goodness of this post.

tagged by bushra. (yoohoooo, 'lo, bushra!)

4 jobs I've had in my life:

1. Working at a pizza place in high school: best job I've ever had in my life.
My boss built a man out of crumpled up newspapers and clothing from in the lost-and-found box, put it on trial and found it guilty for sodomy, then burned it in the parking lot. When the police came, they just shook their heads, put it out, and came in for the policeman discount + beer. While I can never devise such evil plans myself, I belong in the middle of these plans. I see they are still in business somewhere. Our location went bankrupt. Go figure!

2. *Designing* institutional wallpaper: worst job I ever had in my life.
But interestingly enough, the designer I replaced had designed a human skull hidden into every wallpaper design he did. His assistant showed me. It was beautiful, and I wonder where that guy ended up because I'd like to have known him. Anyway, I quit after 3 days when they tried to make me wash the gigantic silkscreens, unmasked and with toxic spray. If I want to cropdust myself, I'll do it on my own time thanks. So I called in the next day and told him "a monkey could do that job." Little did I know what my fate would surely become one day.

3. Advertising agency designer and copywriter.
Basically, it had its mixed moments of Praise God and Hail Satan.

4. Currently, work as an Interactive Designer and Writer.
At this very moment, I'm conducting an independent study of ICR or Internet Capabilities Research. For those unable to read between the lines, I'm what some might say "dicking around on the internet." But those people who think that have got it allllll wrong, baby. All wrong. Us ICRers will own you one day...oops, damn! I've said too much. Next question...

4 movies I can watch over and over again:

1. "Raising Arizona"
2. "Dancing Outlaw"
3. "American Movie"
4. "Rushmore"
...I know these don't count as movies, but I could watch"The Office","Ali G", and "Strangers with Candy" until I glazed over like a Krispy Kreme donut.

4 places I have lived:

1. Jackson "The Bold New City" Mississippi, model town of the future
2. another midsize model town in Mississippi, yet with a water feature in the form of a reservoir, so "nice"
3. does the mad stint in Atlanta, Georgia count?
4. by the river in Memphis, Tennessee

4 TV shows I love to watch:

1. "Arrested Development" (cancelled! those bastards!)
2. "Reno 911!"
3. "The Colbert Report" (it's the only reason I keep the cable)
4. it's a tie between "E! True Hollywood Stories" and "Cold Case Files"

4 places I have been on vacation:

1. London to Paris
2. Munich to Hohenschwangau/Neuschwanstein
3. Nice to Monaco to Barcelona and Monserrat
4. Chicago to New York to Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
sorry, have to list one more: and a suprisingly wonderful (and free) Disney cruise to the Bahamas and Castaway Cay. No, really, it was extremely nice. Thank you, Scott R.

4 websites I visit daily:

2. for all searches
3. for personalized, I am a goob...anyway....
4. recently found: gawker

4 favourite foods:

1. sushi/sashimi - anything but sea urchin, dear God, not the sea urchin
2. pho ga and spring rolls with shrimp, no pork
3. sopa de pollo and a frozen margarita or two
4. freakin' birthday cake - I don't care what kind, it's all good.

4 places I'd rather be right now:

1. with my parents, doing some senseless shopping, laughing at how they phrase things and the stories they tell, drinking coffee and splitting desserts, then dinner with home-grown vegetables, tiny wine, and then on to as much Ted Danson as my mother can exhume from syndication. She just loves that man. I had no idea.
2. anywhere in France would work, but I'll take Paris in the park in the rowboat again, with a giant chocolate-iced cookie and warm red wine in a plastic cup. Or Nice. That place was gorgeous.
3. anywhere in Canada. Or "Portland: The Other Canada". Or Chicago - hey, wait. I'm going there in April, huzzah and hellsyeah.
4. Inside the mind of Karl Pilkington, "Master of Confusionism (tm)". I just trademarked that, Ricky, so we'll get together, and you can break me off some cash.

4 people I'll tag with this list of questions meme:

Jesse's mom
Bubba, you need a blog so I could tag you.
anyone else? Sir Bri-Mixalot?
How about you, Brokeback AngryCzeck?

...Bueller? ..... ...Bueller?*

*ooo, which reminds me, I could watch that movie over and over, too.

So I got wordy, what's new, that was fun.

ps: a big thumbs-up in advance to Meredith!


Me said...

On another day I would have cursed you for this but today I'm a happy bunny and would LOVE to do this. I just faxed off my bid to keep my contract longer, it's out of my hands now and it's Friday. Life is good! I'll post my list on my blog tonight.

me said...

when i saw the pictures of BJ and the Bear, i was thinking you might be game for it.

(actually, it was right after i laughed out loud at the BJ and the Bear photos. i absolutely forgot about that show. That, and "Knight Rider"...haha!)

bushra said...

yooo-eeeee! 'lo labmokie!

thanks for volunteering! could it be i no longer carry the curse of the blog meme?!

Me said...

thanks for the BJ pic, be still my beating heart.

Jerry said...

American Movie is an overlooked treasure and don't get me started with FOX on Arrested Dev. those Bastards!!!!

me said...

Hey Jerry! You're so right.

You know what else is good - "Grey Gardens" - so incredibly good esp if you love the "American Movie"-type...

Bushra, yea, verily, the curse is lifted! Send me those list things anytime, I'm always game.