Thursday, March 02, 2006

One more reason why it's best I don't have kids.

Because if he was mine and he did this, then I couldn't respect myself
if my beatings didn't pound the little bastard into a meatball.

Hey, at least I admit it.

Ok, I wouldn't beat a child.

Sheesh. I'd just leave him to
fend for himself at a truck stop in Arizona.
If he was my kid, he'd figure it out and
make some friends along the way...
Better make some cash, too,
to bring home to Mumsie...
Because if he's not my kid, then
I'll be plenty pissed unless he forks over some 20s.

Does anyone else have Spring Fever, or is it just me?

I've been out taking pictures with the POS. I've just started,
only one set of far, but it's definitely spring.
Better take more soon before summer comes and melts the asphalt.


Bubba said...

Your pix are (get it, Pixar?) cool!

me said...

hey thank you - that crappy little camera works well, doesn't it? i want a holga next. today's forecast is sunny with a high of 55 degrees and a 40% chance of more pictures.

Me said...

I've yet to see the work of art in question but I wonder how long it took them to notice the gum. Because really, if you're a security guard in an exhibit of abstract art doesn't it all start to look like your kid's art projects from school? I wouldn't have beaten the little kid. Knowing me I would have laughed and bought him a Leonardo DaVinci paint by numbers set as a reward.
Spring fever? No, never heard of it. Is it spring? Pass me that pot of coffee.