Friday, December 10, 2004

Have I really not posted in 22 days? Ok, I have to say it.

@#$%in' holidays.

I said I wouldn't say it, but there it is: @#$%in' holidays.

No no no, ok, actually you know it's not really the @#$%in' holidays' fault. Of course it's the projects and errands that get compressed into a difficult timeline yet still must be produced with no excuses that come with the holidays that have broken my kneecaps and fed my body to the festive @#$%in' holiday fishes. Plus work. Work work work. Man. Santa's elves must be hittin' the crackpipes hard right now to get it all done. I know I am.

I'm kidding. I don't do crack. Yyyyyet.

Okay, maybe not crack ever but definitely a little brandy from time to time. And that's another story I'll have to dig out about my train ride back to Memphis 16 days ago.

So please, possums*, please forgive my @#$%in' holiday-induced rudeness and accept my apologies with a special cocktail for you -- click here for the Mixilator**.

Beeg holydayz hugs for you alls, I meeeesed you all so verr much. No, reeeealleeyy!!***

*This guy has my dream job.

**This guy has my dream job.

***This guy has everybody's dream job.


zoey said...


i was wondering if you had started a whole new blog elsewhere & had not invited me! WHEW!'s NOT all about me. yaye! (ENFP personality)

Charlie said...

seriously. I know I am not the most frequent (or regular) of bloggers, but I was definitely in labmonkie withdrawl!

yay for the return of labmonkie!

me said...

!! aw!! xoxoxo to you both