Friday, December 17, 2004

"The doctor says my nose would stop bleeding if i could just keep my finger outta there."

True or false question:

Does Boy George really think that he looks sexy dressed as Ralph Wiggum, or is he just possessed?

Trick question. The correct answer is "syphilis."

Oh I'm sorry, Boy George. But I thought you and Cyndi Lauper and Pee-wee Herman were God's gift to a mankind unable to understand genuine uniqueness, in one or two of its purest forms, with hair dye on it. But be honest with me: If you are insane, and you really have lost total judgement, and you'd rather paint your throat intead of just having surgery or ditching the crumpets...well... so be it.

You look like a melted candle, but at least you're not David Gest.

Aw dammit, you know I can't stay mad at you, Boy Wiggum! Come over here and give me a big ole hug, you crazy, volcano-headed freakout, you. Let's gather 'round an open flame with the Simpsons' Snowball Game just for fun.

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