Sunday, December 26, 2004

him name is hopkin green frog

ps: I'll find my frog.

lostfrog from Keep clickin', about 111 times.

Man. I must be getting really old.

I come home to Memphis, the streets are absolute solid ice, and not once did I even think about grabbing a 6-pack and calling someone to go skid donuts in an empty, frozen Target parking lot with me in my Honda. Plus, this year, once I finally remembered the time-honored tradition, I promptly ran out of time and resources to fly through the ghetto in search of the Krunkiest Yard Display of 2004. Next thing you know, I'll be eating oatmeal because I can't bite through toast. Man. It's truly better to burn out than fade away, my friends. Although I might actually like having silver and blue hair.

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