Friday, August 20, 2004

What's wrong with me. I go seven months without reading him and forget how great James Lileks is. He really sums things up. Why don't I read it everyday and eliminate my own frustration with useless pop culture pop culture. I must be stupid.

But when it comes to finding good chocolate, I'm gifted.

Well, I'm not the one who's brilliant actually. This time, it's M&M Mars. This new candy bar is called "M-azing" and comes in two varieties:

1.) a chocolate candy bar dotted with tiny M&M's chocolate candies, and

2.) a chocolate candy bar dotted with tiny M&M's peanut butter candies.

It's a no-brainer, professor. Both are equally delicious.

What makes it different from any other chocolate bar out there now that's dotted with candies? (note: stop saying "dotted with candies". It sounds gross. Willie Wonka would have me fired.) I think it's because the candy bar itself is made from the same extra-sweet chocolate found inside the M&M's. That's my hypothesis anyway. It sure tastes like it. Which is a m-mighty fine idea. One that may need more research now that swimsuit weather is almost officially over.

I don't like the name at all though because it's not catchy. But really, when it comes to good chocolate, WHO CARES about the name? All I know is that the taste is quality. So try both of them with confidence. Run, don't walk. It's good exercise.

(Damn, James Lileks is funny. )

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