Thursday, August 19, 2004

I don't know how many people know that I'm bi.

Bi-technical, not bi-sexual.

Dammit, and I was so close to becoming totally cool with that header, too, huh? Sorry, ladies!

Yes, I'm somewhat proud that I can somewhat work on both Macs and PCs now. They have their differences. I started on a Mac. Most times, I can even fix a Mac (to a certain degree, and then I beg Michael's help after I've torn it completely up. Thank you, Michael.). I still miss my Mac daily though.

Learning on a Mac is like learning to drive a standard transmission with a stickshift: You'll always know how to drive the hard way. And then you find the automatic transmission ride known as a PC, and you welcome those fancy power Windows -- and the burning rubber that goes with the free downloads, and the joy of never having to think of an innovative way to actually download an incompatible file and try to make it work on your Mac anyway.

I can't really fix a PC. Yet. But it's coming. I do enjoy the hell out of downloading most any program for free that will fix my PC for me. So far, it's been really convenient.

Thank you, Ad-Aware. Thank you, oh dude thank you, Grisoft Anti-Virus. You can't get all that neato free stuff for Macs. Free, free, free. You have to pay some big bucks for online safety and pleasure, it's true. But even with all those free downloads, PCs can't make up for their seedy crack-ho reputation up against a Mac -- what with the way they spread virus programs and e-herpes all over the place. But with all the free downloads, nevermind...I can forgive and forget. And schedule routine anti-virus scans. That's fine.

You don't have those worries with a Mac really.

You can't find a file format you can download either. But hey. Life is funny like that.

You can say what you want about a Mac, but I'll love them forever. They are stylish and totally misunderstood. You can't always find something cool to download for a Mac. But every now and then you can. So Kittyspunk (thank you, Kittyspunk!) has a present for you:

She says Flower Power is like Bejeweled, only with Daisies and Flowers. I can't see it from here, but it sounds splendid. My eyes are going slightly out of focus just thinking about it. Bejeweled and Text Twist make my pupils dilate with adrenalined joy. I could play those two games all night. And I don't even like games.

Ok, not that they should, but in case the PC peeples out there feel jilted in this post, here's a simple yet addictive game link for you and only you since it's unavailable for Mac download:

It's called Best Friends

See how much I care? Feel the love, peeples, and keep it clean. Here's a big ole hug for you, whichever way you swing it.


Paste This said...

I cut my first teeth on a Mac also; though it's been a few years (10).

I still keep my Recycle Bin in the lower right corner of the PC screen, where the trash is supposed to go.

me said...

awww, that's a good idea, now I havta do that...

zoey said...

the very first computer i played with was a Mac. ...but i really LEARNED on a PC. dos. now i have both.

the Mac is WAY better for cool stuff. you can't beat the way Mac handles graphics, sound & movies. i feel invincible & totally immune to viruses when i surf on the Mac. i like "control+Q" on the Mac.

the PC is WAY better for office stuff. the PC mouse is easier to use. i LUV alternate clicking.

me said...

I agree, Zoey. Yeah, I think Macs and PCs are like cats and dogs, both likable for different reasons. One cool thing about my red-jelly-shoe colored iMac: the sad, sad day it breaks for good, it'll still look neato just sitting around on my desk. Makes me wanna go hug it right now. But then, I'd also like to give a big bear hug to that flat-panel Dell I've been wanting for about 6 months now, too!