Thursday, August 12, 2004

Besides Radiohead, there's two things I can't get enough of: (one) Mr. T, and (two) Mr. A.

Whatever Mr. A is, why must I have one? Like, a must. Right now. Look at all this stuff. Gimme. One of each.

Oh yes, and my Aquapet is flourishing with my cyborg-love, why thank you for asking, Millicent, you ole dear. You'd think I was a lonely, pathetic dimwit. But that's only partly true.

So on second thought I actually can get enough of Mr. T sometimes, so I think I'll replace (one). Although I could interchange "Mr. T" with "petit fours" almost instantly in most cases, I'll have to go with the "Japanese toys" instead.

Why? Because the clean, unspoiled designs just make me insane with jealous delite.

That comment seemed insensitive, yet so...sensitive.

Oh, I can say these things because I am idiot. An innocent idiot, across-the-board dim.

When you get a few minutes, treat yourself to the 7th circle of wisdom with It does take longer to load than most and, when in doubt, click anything you can't read and see what happens. It makes me so happy I could just scream as if a far-sighted Samurai just squeezed by and crushed my left foot in a darkened movie theater.*

*Please, just go with it.


bushra said...

wow, i want that one for my phone! i got one of these from Wales last week, caption 'Whatever!'

me said...

ooo -- i am jealous now. i must have one of these, maybe more!!