Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's official.

Apple is trying to kill me again with redesigned desirables.
Look at the Shuffle.

It looks much cuter as a brushed metal
potato chip bag clip than the pack of gum it once was. I'm serious.
And look at the new Nano. It looks like a cross between
the dearly departed Mini and last year's Nano.
Isn't it cute? It's a "Minano."
No, that sounds like a dance or a fruity drink.
See, that's why I'll never be working for Apple marketing.
That kind of thinking will have me working at a daiquiri bar eventually.
But really, is that such a bad thing?
Frozen margarita green:
That is the actual color of my parachute.

I really should get one of the neon green Minanoes to match.

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