Thursday, September 21, 2006

Is it really Thursday?

Hm. Guess I'd better put the kettle on.
PG Tips, anyone?
I'm offerin'.
Hope to God I get my Gromit mug soon. Found it on eBay.
His nose turns red when you pour in the hot water for tea.
(I think I should've filed this monologue under the next subhead...)

I caught myself drawlin' baaaa-yad this mornin'.
Noticed it when I made the word "should" have
four syllables, with the "d" being the fourth.

Usually, that means it should be Monday.
I should consider myself lucky Friday's so near.

File this under
"Oh come on, you know you care, you do" category:

I'm going to my first hockey game tonight.
I'm not playing, but I can't say I won't participate.
I do like throwing things.
Sadly, I just had to look up who's playing who.
Unless it has a red maple leaf on it,
all teams just run together for me.


I think I might just start posting
all my scribbly meeting doodles here for awhile.*
Those ones I do in the margins? Yeah.
You know you care.

*Anyway, think "gapingvoid"
except not brilliant.


And just when you think my day's truly pointless:

Automatic Slim's had an evil strawberry cake.

Don't worry. Michelle and I threw ourselves
on that pure butter grenade and killed it for you.
You are welcome.

Being that the waiter
looked exactly like Jason Bateman,
I bet every day is a nice one,
but we wished him another anyway.

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