Monday, September 25, 2006

Happy @#$&in' Monday!

(No, really!)

about to whip sumbody's aaaaaaass,
about to whip sumbody's aaaaaaass...
ohhh if you don’t leave me alo-ne
you gonna have to send me home
'cause ahhh'm
about to whip somebody's aaaaaaass."*

*Ron says,
"That song replaces 'Punk Rock Girl'
as the best song ever written."
I'm still debating that, but at least both songs
are securely lodged in my mind now.

Which makes Monday feel like a Tuesday to me, if nothing else.

File this under "Always the Last to Realize":

The soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
will make your brain feel *mu-u-uch better*
any day of the week.
Fortified with Jon Brion,The Willowz, Beck,
Polyphonic Spree and a touch of ELO...
combined, they have the power to make you forget
that Jim Carrey had anything to do with that brilliant movie at all.

Speaking of, next up for Eternal Sunshine director is
The Science of Sleep.
Given me anticipation-insomnia already.
Or that could be too much PG Tips for the day. Already?

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