Wednesday, July 20, 2005

employee5: it looks like they caught Jabberjaw

labmonkie: HOLY SHIT*
employee5: yeah b
labmonkie: jabberjabberjabberjabberjabberjabberjabber jawwwwwww

*Well really, what else can you say? That is the biggest shark I never, ever wanted to see. But, of course, I 'd love to see what's in him, like in Jaws. I bet there's a Dodge Dart in there. A Chevy Cavalier with a dead stool pigeon's bones in it maybe. I bet you two clams that there's two or three dolphins in there, too. So if you know any hippies out there who may be upset at this gigantic shark's untimely demise, assure them that this matter is A-OK, and do not be upset. This thing probably has Flipper and a sea lion or two stuck in its teeth.


Paste This said...

Ha! Exactly what I said when I saw the vid.

me said...

maybe *shiver me timbers* or *Arrrrr!!!!* is more appropriate, but it's always best to be true to ourselves: that gigantor deserves the big "Eightch Ess", doesn't it! Maybe even "Eightch Eff"!