Saturday, July 09, 2005

Boy, I sure do love Wang's.

Honestly, I just can't eat enough Wang's. I mean really, even if there's a line around the block for people waiting for some Wang's, I'll gladly stand and eagerly wait my turn. Why, I bet I could eat Wang's at least twice a week. Maybe three times. Bet I could. I bet you that I could even eat Wang's for breakfast. And I love the fact that even if I eat a lot of Wang's, really, I never feel stuffed.

(Sure, these jokes could date back all the way back to the building of the transcontinental railroad.* But you see, I never ever get tired of Wang jokes. Never. That, and fake fart noises. Real ones are banned, for sure, don't even try it. But now, whether you want to or not, you know who I really, really am.)

*Hey. I can make half-jokes about the transcontinental railroad, I have the right. I am 1/16 Newcomen steam engine on my grandmother's side. If it wasn't for middle-class steam engines like my family, there'd have been no industrial revolution. No big factories, no airplanes, nothing but horses and butter churns. And plenty of unburned coal and clean air for everyone. So load that in your bubble pipes and blow.**

** HAHA!! I said "blow."

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