Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Firefox 2.0
to be released today,


New regular feature:
I don't know what to name it,
but it's a
"Tuesday Morning Tribute Scribble"
or "Scribute to Tuesday Mornings."
Or "Scribbling from Home."
Or "Home Scribblin' "...
Or, I don't know.
Something. I'm working on it!
But anyway,
this one is dedicated to the officedog
sleeping on my feet.
While he does offer many advantages and perks
to this new freelance position,

He does. He really, really does.
He's pointing at the cat,
but we both know the truth.

And finally,

the helicopters choppin' around the skies
of my neighborhood just reminded me
that a manatee was found
in the Wolf River harbor near my house.

Sad, I know!
That poor little thing.
I want to go toss him a cabbage.
I might. I have one. It's a rare occasion for us both.

Sadder still, Ron said,
"When they first heard about it, the authorities said,
'Manatee?? Noooo. Dead body? Probably."

To that sad-but-true cross-section, I said,
"Then that'd make it a casualtee,
or a fatalitee, instead."

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