Friday, November 11, 2005

"Arrested Development" cancelled.

Theory now fact: Excellent shows are wasted on the average moo-cow American audience and the executives at Fox.

So kids, listen up. Grab a digital camcorder and record the neighbor's dog taking a crap. You get the idea, you're the future, you spend your parents' money. You tell us what to feed you. Fox is looking for sellout ideas. Oh, and you have a little time to get that crap together -- let Fox get their watered down prison show out of the way in the next few weeks. It shouldn't take long.

But thank God more time has been freed up for more reality shows.
Not that God is taking requests anymore apparently,*
but send in that big "thanks."

*Aw. I don't blame the guy.
I'd throw the petri dish away and start over, too.
But that's just the gingersnap in me talkin'...yummy gingersnaps and Revelations.

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