Thursday, May 05, 2005

So let's see, what's sorta like news:

Last Sunday, Ron felt an earthquake in nearby Arkansas, but I slept right through it. Last time one rattled the house, I was in the shower and thought "Damn. Low-flying FedEx plane. Again."

I bought two pairs of cropped pants, but I'm not convinced they aren't just highwaters. Maybe I need a smaller size. These should come with a rope belt and a donkey.

We now have two available openings if anyone knows a good interactive creative director. Dammit. And a Communications & Business Analyst. Whatever that means.

Jason Williams is a faux-thuggy white guy, but maybe I am just expecting too much from what little braincells he may have remaining from college. I wish I could find a picture of him with his oversized cap tilted sideways. It's the kind of tilt that makes you wanna slap it off.

Dave Chappelle must be out of ideas. That's a hell of a note.

Memphis is rated one of the Top 3 Most Allergic Cities, Ever in the Whole World, Period. Well how long have I told ya that? Poor Elvis. Think it's all the FedEx planes launching outta here 24 hours a day? I'm just sayin'. I like overnight delivery like the next person, but this tumor in my brain is killing me.

I sniped a Donvier yogurt maker on eBay. I bet I use it twice. I'll let you know.

I think a little tiny frustrated French girl lives inside me. That explains the wine smell.*

We're taking a roadtrip to to St. Louis this weekend, staying in a big, round, pasteurized cheeseball hotel, exterior featured here in the Photo Tour.


*Note: La Vieille Ferme is my new favorite afforably-good French wine. L'essayer vous l'aimerez. Aussi, mon patron est une chienne parce qu'elle a appelĂ© le personnel « bourgeois ». Oh oui, elle a fait. Pouvez-vous croire cela ?

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