Sunday, May 01, 2005

How many times can I say "I love referral tracking requests."

Not that I had to, and not like they don't all have their own merits, but I highlighted my favorites in red. Enjoy.

26 Apr, Tue, 01:08:45 Google: bentou workplace

26 Apr, Tue, 09:22:33 Google: Today's Aphorism

26 Apr, Tue, 11:21:52 Google: Frigidaire AND beeping

26 Apr, Tue, 13:12:43 Google: naked cowgirl in chaps photo

26 Apr, Tue, 17:07:54 Google: red bull vs. amp vs. adrenaline rush forum

26 Apr, Tue, 17:40:13 Google: "fattened child"

27 Apr, Wed, 10:03:24 MSN Search: candycandycandy

28 Apr, Thu, 13:09:37 Yahoo: star magazine online

28 Apr, Thu, 15:07:32 Google: canyoneros

28 Apr, Thu, 22:45:09 Yahoo: chattanooga boobs

29 Apr, Fri, 02:54:05 Yahoo: Natalie blood type O

29 Apr, Fri, 09:12:49 Google: girls having organisms

29 Apr, Fri, 10:53:54 Yahoo: teen swimsuit petit

29 Apr, Fri, 15:25:17 Yahoo: bjork hairdo pictures

29 Apr, Fri, 15:48:06 Google: zefrank

29 Apr, Fri, 16:31:48 Google: burger king is un-fresh

Sorry to disappoint that person looking for girls having organisms. Better luck next time.


Brian said...

I get the searches for naked cowgirls and Bjork haircuts too. I think you need to start posting those organism photos - clearly there's a demand for that sort of thing....

bushra said...

what about the visitors from the blogger navbar? i've had visits from people previously perusing (whoa) 'gotta kill my wife', 'tasty trixie' and wait for it: 'concerned catholic'. i'm thinking do i really need the navbar on my blog, and i suppose the answer is, well, yes.

me said...

the one i can't figure out is "flexy girl pee holes"- a search i get that one a lot, too. it can't be the same person, and that is strangely fascinating and totally disgusting at the same time.