Thursday, May 19, 2005

Pixelly Things I've Found and Love:

Cursor Miner: He comforts me when people get pissed at me for drawing in my meeting notes.

William Shatner's version of "Rocketman": Makes me grateful that I never did LSD, although I'm sure I've embarrassed myself just as much without the smack.

South Park Studio: I wonder if anyone told these people to stop drawing on their meeting notes?

Free fonts: That's always good.

Google Satellite Maps: I can't stop looking at these things.

This is where I work. See the little red arrow? Can you see me waving?

This is where I live. Well, ok, so it's not bare dirt anymore, it's a house, with a Yarden. One of those middle-class houses, no doubt. And that's a...bad thing? Ohhhmmmmmmm dontgetmestarted ohhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

And here is the Pyramid, down by the Hernando DeSoto (Mississippi River) Bridge. This is the reason I am convinced that everyone here is dying from allergies. The Curse: It's because they defiled an ancient Egyptian symbol of all that is good to them, you know, that sort of thing, by having Dixie Chicks concerts in it.

If anybody gets bored, send me a screenshot of where you live. I live for that kind of thing. If I can just remember to check email. I will (scribbling note to remember on mtg notes), I will. And also, I live for pink and white cupcakes, and wine. Any kind. And sushi. And my middle-class whirlpool bathtub. Back later. See, look, I'm wavin' atcha!

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