Monday, July 26, 2004

Hey! Product Review, Product Review...

It's neato mosquito Skittles Gum!

They look just like Skittles. They taste just like Skittles. But I completely forgot that I don't even like Skittles. I only like the red and yellow ones. I hate it when I forget stuff.

But try 'em -- they're intense at first, and they lose flavor a little too quickly, just like me. But that just gives you an excuse to shove one more handful in your mouth. I like gums that you can add to continuously like that. Except that I end up chewing the whole box and looking like a prairie dog. But that just adds to the entertainment value for everybody, now doesn't it?

What was I talking about? I forgot!

Happy Monday!


Paste This said...

I had to read that twice. You don't like Skittles? So you're the one.

I'll have to check out the gum. Yay product reviews!

me said...

Yeah man! I only like the red and yellow ones. I'm a freak, I tell ya, a frrreakk.

Bethany too said...

One: I am nondiscrimating. I dislike Skittles of all colors.

Two: I got myself a blogger account simply so that I could leave a comment about how glad I am that you have comments now. You didn't before, right? I hope not. Because that would make me look, you know, dumb.

me said...

Hey there, Bethany Too!

No, this feature is new to this blog. I'm too lazy to figure out how to code it to do comments on my own. Good to hear from ya!