Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This year for Halloween, I'm gonna be something really scary.

Like hunger, cruelty to animals, or cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

What been going on lately? Is everyone frightened enough by the man-eating, blood-thirsty, and bad-breathed economy? "The stock market is crazy, gas prices are nuts, the holidays are coming, I don't know who to vote for, 'I can see Russia from my house!', I think I pulled a muscle in my head..."

I know how you feel. But you know how I feel? Like doing something. Call it fighting back, call it investing, just call it. You want to invest in something that's a sure bet in this crazy, mixed-up world, spinning out of control, and with cellulite? Donate to a good charity.

That's just what I think, because I know for a fact research and funds used properly can help expose all the monsters and boogiemen under the beds, hanging out under there with those scary tumor-bunnies, in the evil Darkened Closet of Poverty and Hunger.

This month (more like a week then I'll get bored) in honor of All Things Scary, I'll highlight some of the charitable cause sites I've found along the way. Gimme more if you've got 'em. And, no money? No problem. Most places also accept donations of time. For example, try It's addictive, just be smart. It's fun. Then pass it around. Yes, again.

Oh c'mon. You care. You know you do. That's why I like you. By all means, don't be scared -- enjoy, and enjoy putting your money into something with a real pay-off.

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