Tuesday, July 08, 2008

You're right. I have been slacking.

But only here at the blog. And on the laundry. And at the vacuuming. But I have been working and writing everywhere else, I swear. Even on overpasses. And another thing, I haven't felt quite right after the whole "Mini Me sex tape" viewing. I broke myself of the Internet with a capital "i"...

Oh crap! I owe you a few Tuesday Scributes, too. But hey, like the new banner up top? I love that beaded monkey. He climbs up my Eiffel Tower lamp here on the desk. Eek Eek.

Okay, after I go run until I pull something in my hip, then watch Christina win "Hell's Kitchen", I will scan one of the Oh So Many Scributes to Tuesday that I Don't Always Post, But Can't Stop Doing.

Oh, you know you still care. And I missed you, too. xoxo - bny

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