Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Don't try this at home." Yeah, right.

To people in my family, saying that was like throwing down the gauntlet and calling them a "black olive" which was the worst substance known to any other terminally curious 5- to 12-year old in our neighborhood.

In the spirit of research, Marshmallow Peeps® have been microwaved, Wint-o-Green LifeSavers®, despite the smell of BenGay, have been crunched heartily with open mouths in the mirrors of darkened bathrooms, Purina® Beggin' Strips have been tasted and deemed "Less Than Bacon-Tasting" to human standards. And we won't mention the Unfortunate Batch of Pregnant Minnows Incident when I was 6 years old which leaves me full of regret to this day, but somehow wiser with a completely obvious lesson and unpublishable results gleaned at the expense of a few heroic bait fish.

All in the name of science and a perceived dare.

Today, I honor my Aunt Sissy by dedicating this ground-blending site to my aunt and her inquisitive, experimental nature - especially the part that made her throw that old computer into the trashfire to get rid of it, why not. Even though she fell and broke her arm right after the toss, I just thank God didn't toss in the monitor and thank the heavens she is still alive to tell the story.

(xox to you, Sissy. ps: my favorite so far is the glowstick smoothie blend.)

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