Monday, April 28, 2008

Is this thing on?

Aw there I go, disappearing for days at a time again. Oooo, it annoys me when I do that. But sometimes it's like (1.) "if a tree falls in a forest, does it make a sound", and (2.) the weather has been too tempting to stay out of, except for the rain yesterday, which means I slept on the sofa like a spoiled cat. But then again, (3.) sometimes I just get too lazy to type.

But unluckily for you, I get over that soon enough after refueling with the right combination of sleep and caffeine. I've had my naps and coffee, so back to work. And the way I get back to work is by refilling the wells. You know what I mean.

(4.) Sometimes you just have to cut yourself some slack and fill the inspiration-well back up with all sorts of research whether it applies or not. For projects I'm working on and projects to come, I have to spend a good period of time soaking up every little thing around me from new recipes to reading online newspapers from around the world. And if you're reading this, I know you, man. Spring is nice but it also shakes you up like a jar of muddy water -- and are you like me, feeling a little drained and overwhelmed? Then you need to refill the well, too, and let the dirt and silt settle around you.

It's nothing but good for you, so start fillin'.

I'm back on the road next Wednesday, but until then I'll post "well-fillers" for you and me.

Here a a few links I've found along the way to post. Links of sheer coolness. Starting with Nick Dewar.

Unless you have the time, don't even click this Thumbtack Press link. It's too cool. Illustrations galore and glorious. So I guess I'm saying *make time* since there's never really enough time to refill the well with creative thoughts.

Beware though: gross photos ahead. I've run across some totally horrible links, too, such as the woman who had 125 pounds of her belly removed. And the hawk what ate the sparrow who got the last word in, from the inside out. Nasty photo, but I admire that sparrow's spunk of "never give up, never say die." Take that, Monday!

So I owe you a few "Scributes to Tuesday at 10am". I need an intern, one who likes to scan. Forward your CV to me when you can, I'm deciding soon. Bonuses include free caffeine and well-refilling links.

Here are a few more fugitive links for you:

I'm fascinated by shipping container houses. One day, one day.

Amigurumi dolls. Do I have to be able to pronounce them to make them?

There's never enough time to soak it all up at design*sponge. (Yes, I enjoy cheap puns.)

And always remember, you can never spend too much time at Apartment Therapy, Craftzine, or swissmiss.

And Rachael Ray. I don't care, I love the girl, I know you may think she's annoying, but I learn something new from the kid everyday. Grab a recipe and create something to fill your well and your friends with. Or try Chow.

I've got more if you need 'em. Go fill the well. I have to fill up the car, but first, I think I'll bake some cookies.


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