Friday, February 29, 2008

Ow, I broke my liver with my marrow fork at a wine-tasting/food-pairing event. Had a horrible dream involving a mall, a woman in a wheelchair, and a nasty fall. But the virtual video game arcade at the mall was amazing.

I did everything on My List but not on The List. Think I have started grinding my teeth again in my sleep. I'll ask the cat.

I did a few things on The List and remained hopeful and optimistic about finishing The Entire List which is sort of The Master List, but I think I need to break The Master List down into stages. I'll put that on The Other List.

Let's see, "Amnesia" comes on tonight. I watched "My Dad is Better Than Your Dad" and decided to never watch it again unless someone decides to remake it as a Japanese gameshow instead.

Thought the same thing about the movie "The Notebook."

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