Saturday, February 09, 2008

me: "Get up. It's 10:15."

ma: (slurred speech) "I'm goin' fer 10:45."

me: thinking, "Man...I need to wash my car. And my hair," which made me more tired, so I didn't move.

ma: "I dreamed I lit a green candle."

me: "What does that mean?"

ma: "It's Jewish."

me: "So that makes you...what...a Zen Jewthodist?" Funny enough last night, I'd finally decided I was a Zen Methuslimodistolic. But now I realized, of course -- I had left out Jewish. So now I'll have to rethink my denomination. Zen Jew-meth-uslim-odist-olic...? Zen Meth-jew-uslim-odist-olic...? I'm working on it. Forever.

She said she didn't remember telling me any of that this morning. But still, it was inspirational enough to me, obviously. And funny. Plus, I think she remembers. Too much.

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