Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two Tuesday Morning's Scributes to 10am
since I missed last weeks:

So they say, mate.

I love the moonpie face, but the alien-gutt
I could do without.
But nooo, I'm not complainin'


Memphismaaaan said...

A Japanese.. ummm... Ausie bullet train?

Anonymous said...

Hey there kiddo, haven't shouted out to you for a while...hope there's plenty of sunshine in Memphis...there sure ain't any in Toronto. I've got the serious winter blahs...

me said...

HEY! I totally channelled you up, you know why? I was craving pho yesterday and thought, "Mannnn, I wish Kevin were here," I was jonesin' for some spring rolls BAD! No more Outback for me, dahlin! How've you been?? When do you start the new gig?!

Patti dear! Oh no, I don't like to hear you have the winter blahs -- I wish I could send you some sunshine -- particularly when it gets to be 100 degrees here in the summer. Lawd, girl, that is when I wish I could switch places with you and nice weather...how's it lookin' today?

Memphismaaaan said...

I started this week. Such great folks. I think it's gonna be way cool. It's hard to believe there is a spot in Memphis that you can actually feel good about working for.
Do I need to drop you s'more Pho-supplies?