Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Thursday Scribblicious for You:

Boy. Yes. I do need to *splurge*
on some colored pencils soon...
on the list.

But anyway,
"Toad in a Hole": I had one for breakfast.
It sounds gross, but it's gooooood.

For anyone who doesn't know
and those who may not care (Angry Czeck),
this is actually what a Toad in a Hole is:

(Oh you care, you know you do.)

And that Pac-Man looking object
is a Morning Star sausage patty made of soy.

Ok, maybe I am boring, but hey, I'm sincere.
And a good cook.

Go back to sleep now.

belly-up to very O+
more blue-platelet specials.

(Yes, I do kill myself with the wittiness.)


Anonymous said...

"toad inna hole"...that sounds definitely "southern". Where abouts? Tennessee? Georgia? It doesn't sound Czech, but what do I know...

me said...

Yesss, honey-child, you are close -- I've relocated here from Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi for a few months. One thing I forgot about Mis'sip, you never meet a stranger here. It really is the State of Hospitality. I've actually enjoyed talking to people in line at a grocery store. Forgot they do that here. It's like *listening to a book of short-stories* all day long!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are bringing back memories for me. I loved Memphis...I went there many years ago and it was one of my most memorable trips ever! Saw it all in Memphis: Is there still Schwabs and the The Peabody Ducks? BTW, pls call me Patti, that's my name. Have a great weekend!

me said...

Hello, Patti! Nice to meet you -- this is Bethany here. Yes, Schwab's continues to rock on, cash only, on Beale Street - I love that place! I have a button on my corkboard that says, "If you can't find it at Schwab's, you don't need it." And the ducks are still swimming in the lobby's fountain at the Peabody. We used to walk over there all the time at lunch and just hang out. Oh, dang! You just made me homesick for Memphis, too! Ho0pe your weekend is lovely, too -- I'd like to hear more about Maple Syrup City, Canada. I love CBC3 Radio podcasts to death...