Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Sunday Scribble for You:

Somebody got a new set of colored pencils-s-s.
And yes, today's word is "patience."
Inspired by my cat, Googie.
If you're reading this, Googie,
hang on ~ I'm on my way to get you.
Just a few more platelets...

...and if you are reading this, bad kitty,
get off the computer keyboard.

Here's "Toad in a Hole", tinted.
Think I like the black-and-white better.
You can tell I'm chromophobic,
scared of colors.
Better get over that,
somebody got a new set of colored pencils-s-s.

Have a canary yellow sunny Sunday.

Even you, Angry Czeck,
avid, out-spoken, angered hater
of centered type.
I have foiled you again,
you surly, closet sesquipedalian ~
foi-i-i-led, ha HA!

More on patience if you need it at The Yarden.


Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, don't be afraid of using colors, those came out really nice with the tints. Go with your instinct on whether to use color or not, but either way I like it.

I have another Memphis question for you...(actually this a question I've had a for a long time, since I was out there for my "birthday" many years ago). Why are there so many hospitals in downtown Memphis??

BTW, I live in Toronto..."Maple Syrup City" I put out there as a joke when someone on a blog commented on the fact that I was Canadian and cracked a silly "maple syrup" joke. It's cold as all get out here now! You're so lucky you live in the South...

me said...

Heya, Patti ~ thanks! I usually color them up ith PhotoShop but don't have my computer here. Working on that, so colored pencils it is for now!

Also, good question about all the hospitals...I'll have to ask my sources on that. They imploded one last year, the Baptist. It was an event, I'm tellin' ya...

Ooo, Toronto is supposed to be nice ~ do you love it? I've only been to Ontario, Niagara Falls, but the people there were nice and the falls are beautiful. Plus, I like cooler climates.