Thursday, December 28, 2006

I've decided to post
ITP Updates to another action-packed blog
so I can just post Scribbles here,
because the two just clash here to me
like zebra stripes and...
well, zebra stripes clashes with
Just About Everything...
zebra stripes and candycanes?
zebra stripes and pink unicorns?
Zebra stripes only goes with khaki.

I'll also stick the link
over to the righthand side.
Oh you care, you know you do.

Tomorrow, chil'ren,
I have to go away until Wednesday
to the magical land of candycanes and pink unicorns
"where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies"
(ok, not an LSD trip but to the zebra-striped hospital),
but I wanted to wish you the
Happiest New Year Ever
in the History of New Years,

Remember how I said
I just couldn't picture myself in the hospital?
Just say "yes" to humor me. Anyway,
I could've avoided all this with the
cosmically-double-jinx-reverse-ward off I did,
but it was foiled by my aunt, unwittingly.
For Christmas, she bought me a sketchbook
I resisted in a bookstore
and got me a pair of silky pajamas.
No, I didn't ask her for those.
I said, "How did you know? You scare me."
And she said, "You scare ME."
How many people have told me that so far in life.

Katherine, help me count.
Remember the entire bar in Connecticut
we got to sing "Grease" songs,
male and female singing parts, as well?

Ron, you really should read my blog
so I could wish you a Happy Birthday early.

So Tara, you'll have to tell him I wished him one.
Give him The Look, too, for not reading.
Give him one to grow on for me,
one that will require Burn Cream afterwards.
And make him wear a pointy, sparkly party hat.
And do tell Mr. President about that cake IOU,
and I hope y'all have a big ole blast
on January 2nd!

Ey up, Bushra!
Package received in Memphis -

thank you in advance!
Will rip it open and smile as soon
as I get back to Memphis.

Can't think of anything else right now,
but will see you in a few.

Oh, you care.
You know you do.


gb said...

O.K. Now I get it! I mean after you put it that way it is clear BBB!

We’ll just influence the activity of the immune cells! DUH. ALL we need to do is to stop the adverse inflammatory activity to prevent the formation of fresh autoantibodies.

NOTE to IMMUNE CELLS: As soon as you immune cells GET ACTIVE we’ll throw you a picnic with balloons, party hats, streamers and honking horns. Please advise on the menu selection and color choice[s] for decorations.

Although the miles separate us, listen. We are right there with you in every beat of your heart and in every good dream. After all, who do you think set up the daiquiri bar? Hannah get out of the condiments!

XXX’s & OOO’s

bushra said...

course we care!

glad to hear t'package arrived, and i second the picnic! x

Me said...

um, what do you mean zebra stripes don't match with anything except khaki? Damn, now I have to go take off my plaid skirt and zebra striped tube top.
Happy New Year!

The Angry Czeck said...

Nice cartooning, Monkie. But your preference for centered copy is killing me! I feel like I'm reading a goddamn haiku!