Thursday, December 21, 2006

Product Review, Product Review:
Holy Mother of Pearl Drops,
it's Fructodent!

Ok, ok, so what with the
last-minute holiday wrappings,
hurried cookie bakings,
and occasional family meltdowns
over "who used the last sheet
of tissue paper in the house?!" and
"are you really moving out over this?!",
I don't have proper time to tell you
that the vanilla flavored paste
is impressively full of the guilt-free,
antioxidanty-goodness of vitamin C
yet a "little weird" with the aftertaste and all.
I don't know what to make of it,
but at least it doesn't stick around long enough
to make me think about it.

But I will tell you that
I'm in total love with the green apple gel flavor.

Oh, you care, you know you do.

The green apple gel flavor
gives you a fresh feelin' that lasts and lasts.
Uh huh, it does, too!
Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised.

Need to try the Mint and Strawberry next...
the Chocolate and Mint just sounds dangerous.

I haven't asked how my breath smells
to anyone around me,
but I haven't lost any friends yet,
so "score"!

Read up on it here at Cool Hunting,
and try a tube of Fructodent
if you can find it,
and shove it down someone's stocking this year.

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