Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Need to post a product review soon, about this crazy toothpaste I found called Fructodent.

Well, my 7-year old soulmate Hannah found it for me on a shopping spree the other day. And I'll get right on that soon. But my mother is going to kick my butt into the next zip code if I don't help her mail off some packages today. I'll get to the toothpaste. But until then, I know ya'll are busy wrapping up festivities anyway, and hopefully enjoying the company of your best friends and families, and in my case, friends that have chosen each other as family. Thank ya, God, for these people! To all of you out there, you know I love ya. I'd even let you win at Monopoly, you mean that much to me.

So, I hope you are all well and having a wonderful season. I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait for the new year. That's the damn truth. And I will drink champagne, so you better, too.

I was thinking, if you haven't done so yet, regardless of anything you have going on, stop it, and add "baking cookies" to your list. Make sure you bake lots of cookies. Regardless of everything else, they make the world smell better. I wish one week could be designated to baking cookies and nothing else.

In fact, it doesn't have to be fancy. Here is an easy cookie recipe for you to try called "Hidden Mint Cookies" (what, clicked link and no photo? well, they are easy, and good) from Paula Dean, Southern cook extraordinaire. Her suuuuuutherrrrhnnnn draaaawwwwl used ta git on m' last nerrrrrve, but na-yow siiince Ah've been back in Mis'sippi fer a cupla weeks, I tawwwwlk jeeeeest laaack herrrrr!! Yes ah dew! "An' yew can kiss mah behind on th' capitol steps an' Ah'll geeve yew two weeks ta draw a crowd if it ain't so," says my mother's neighbor across the street. An' y'knowhuuut, I theenk I kiiiinda liiiiike eet!

So falalalala, an' ennnnjoy-way, sugahhhrs! xox - bny

ps: An' if yer feelin' reeeeeeal darin', try these Magnolia Lace Trumpet Cookies. (Worth a click for the photo alone. They made me squeal when she bit into one on tv. It was a good squeal.)

pps: Keeping up that southern drawl is hard. I promise to only do it every now'n'then, you'uns.

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