Thursday, April 20, 2006

Still waiting. Still working.

Had some lovely Pho Tom for lunch.
Damn, it was so phoking* good.

(*That one's for Warner.)

And here's how you do an ad campaign with
a web sitelet to perfection.
Yes, this Life Lessons concept could've fallen flat on its face,
easily, but thankfully, they didn't cut corners on casting,
and the sitelet is simple but well-designed.
(Thanks for the link, D!)
And yes, the best part could be
anonymously sending some of the statuettes
to the friends they remind you of...

The fat kid and father is perfect.


Bubba said...

This is hilarious! Make sure to check out the Wubble Worldwide website too:

me said...

the song: "No unions here, we took care of that in '33" haha!