Friday, February 25, 2005

Fugitive links for youuuuuuu-gitive.

Just because I can't write everyday doesn't mean I don't think about you everyday. Get the freak outta here, of COURSE it doesn't! But just wait until I get dooced and boy, I'll write all night and all day. You'll get extra-sick of me at that point. EXTRA.

But until then, here are a few fugitive and random links I've saved up for you.

ps to Katy: Yes, oh yes-yes, I do love the magazine "Everyday Food". Very much.

Meet Zaioli. Very cute. Observation: I can't understand all the French, but I love that dogs speak the same language all over the world. Ar-rooooooooo woof woof. That was French for "Enjoy!"

More links:

I got on a cupcake kick and found Candied Flowers and (pardon me while I drool) my dream job, the Cupcake Cafe. Someday, man, SOMEDAY.

cool website for cool glasses

one variety of rose we planted in our rockin' Yarden

conserve energy, y'all

The Elusive Liger if you ever had your doubts

I can't believe I'm considering firing up the Visa to order a box of ladybugs for The Yarden. Hey I bought redworms last year, so why not?

Yum bunnies


Fisher-Price keyboard. My idea in high school. Didn't patent it. Oh well, WAY TO GO. Still, I want one anyway.

More roses for The Yarden. Boy, I hope they make it. Go, worms, go!

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