Monday, January 17, 2005

Man, that last post sounded terrible, didn't it?

Ah well, you know I was just trying to be funny. Trying, trying, trying. But I bet I'm not alone in thinking that a Hummer could be driven into Paris Hilton in more way than one. I must be jealous that I'm not a millionairess.

No. She's an annoying waste of space. Yes, she annoys me. At least Versace and/or others can advertise on her for free.

Ok, enough of that! Drive out the jive and unpack the love -- Happy Monday, People! I got nothin' to talk about today. Can you tell? Ever since I got my new garbage can, my life has been kinda status quo. And uneventful, like a gardenhose. I could use a cupcake though. Or a piece of birthday cake. Or something like that. Sorry I'm extra-boring today.

Good story, huh? I need a nap.

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