Thursday, October 28, 2004

Not dead yet: Only a computer virus.

And doing way too much stuff after work, too. What's that all about.

Basically, a stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid computer virus hijacked my computer at work and the dog ate my homework. No, really. So this is me checking in with absolutely nothing to say. Except boomshanka, I am addicted to computers and I know why they are called "a virus" because I'm not feeling so well myself after all this.

I feel my brain going on a vacation for some reason. It's definitely stunned from the void of electronic stimulation. Maybe it's the full moon. Or the eclipse. Or that I've woken up for the past five days in a row thinking it's Saturday, only to slowly realize it's not. How nice that'll be after tomorrow night. And after Daylight Savings time change.

Lots of things have gone down: Automusik won the Best of Show at the Memphis Indie Festival (yaaayyyyy). I met a guy named Pritchard who is a genuine crackhead and apparently I don't like genuine crackheads since they scare me and bore me at the same time. But it was fun screaming and/or watching people scream at him, especially Ron. I think he needed to scream at someone. Very cleansing. I kind of wish he'd show up right now so I could scream at him more. My voice cracks to remind me that it wasn't just a bad dream. Actually, it was a good time in retrospect.

Let's see...I'll be back soon with something to talk about...I miss you guys AW!!


bushra said...

ooh, was it the virus that tells you it is going to shut down your computer, and starts counting down? office people around me started dropping like flies last week, because of a virus attack. i was the only one to believe the windows update really was a windows update. not that i like to brag. oh, i'll stop. except, glad you're still there!

me said...

Hey there, Bushra!

I got a virus called "retro64_loader.dll" which spawned a number of nastinesses including i-worms, rebooting over and over again (may have been the anti-virus program in retaliation), plus numerous gross digital hairballs that I'll spare you the details. It was absolutely vile, wicked and still is -- so tomorrow, the whole computer gets nuked. Huzzah!

Good thing this happened at work where actual technicians could fix it. Because if this had happened at home, I'd have dropped it in the the river next door and charged a new one!