Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Think I'll take the day off myself.

Video Freelancer falls victim to an internet freelancing scam.

"After placing an ad online for his freelancing services, the videographer was hired last-minute to film a two-hour long bachelorette party in Brooklyn, New York . When he arrived at the designated apartment, the tenant who answered the door denied any knowledge of the job. As the videographer waited in the hallway and attempted to call the client, but before he could find any answers, two masked men held him up. The thieves pressed a gun to his head while they stole not only his wallet, but also $4,000 in video equipment."


millions and thousands said...

oh the poor guy!

loving the new layout by the way!

me said...

sounds like something that would happen to me!

thank ya, i'm sorta workin' on it, innit.