Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Found at trendcentral's article of the day:

"With schools and parents across the country taking small steps to combat the obesity epidemic among our nation's youth, Bob's Pickle Pops have emerged as a healthy alternative to sugary frozen pops. They are exactly what you think they are: frozen pickle juice and you may be surprised to learn they're a Texas favorite."

Without a nutrition label in front of me, the sodium content concerns me, but what doesn't concern me most days than not. So who cares. I'd like to try one of these pickle-sicles just to say I did.

I'm wild, I tell ya. Just wild.


The Angry Czeck said...

"Pickle Pop" was my nickname in college. "Look! There goes Pickle Pop on his way to the Civil War re-enactment!" or "Hey, Pickle Pop! Can I borrow your muscle shirt?"

me said...

Wait. I thought you were nicknamed Pickle Swap for a myriad of other reasons...