Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Today's Tuesday Morning's Scribute to 10am:

Well, I hope everyone had a good holiday yesterday.
Any holiday is a good one, I know.
So, what'd I do?
Wait...what did I do...
lemme see,
checked off about 4 inches of things from The List,
(getting manageable)
started a book
(reading, not writing)
called "Love and Houses",
trying to finish that last Harry Potter
but I can barely lift the damn thing
(but I will not be defeated),
recycled and found some really good magazines
(yes, I admit it -- I picked some prime mags from the bin)
did a crossword,
made some enchiritos
(if that doesn't already exist, I count that as two things),
I think I just ended the week-long
orange *don't-go-outside* ozone alert
dry-spell combo we've had here
by washing and waxing Gillian, the trusty Honda.*

And, of course, I made another list.
On that list is "update your scributes, man".
(even though the harddrive
just started making that not-so-funny noise again)

I'm back for Tuesday Scributes for sure.

No, really.

*The roses would've liked me better
if I'd thought to do that sooner.

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