Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today's Tuesday Morning's Scribute to 10am:

Again I've fallen into the category of
"Where the Heck Ya Been This Time"?

Having tea and crumpets with Jimmy Hoffa.
Swapping dirty limericks with Amelia Earhart.
And traveling back and forth and back and forth
between Jackson and Memphis.
Building up my bookmarks and beaded things,
and mainly, selling books online.
First just for fun, now for platelet money.

I have way too much fun doing it, too.
So I hope I didn't just jinx it.
But if so,
there'll be something else fun to do.
I believe that now.

Wrapping packages and going to the post office
to jabber with my favorite postal worker
is my kind of fun.

There. I admit it. I said it, I like it.

Another thing, I've been designing a labmonkie webpage
so I can link all these things together in once place,
which will be up this week. Or next. Y'know me.

So for now, I have designed that logo up top
for the li'l ole Amazon store's mailing label.

Whatcha think?

Say you love it because I'm not changing it.

My mom just said,
"Oh, look! It's a monkey!"
I said, "Yeah! With glasses...can you tell?"
I wanted it kinda abstract.
She said "Yyyyyes! You know...
you should design logos for a living."

Which ironically is one thing I've been doing in the past 15 years.
At least I was supposed to, until that last job I had.

Which reminds me,
I don't know or need to know the whole story,
but one of the people at that last place
who threw me and another guy to the lions?
Apparently, he finally got pushed into the arena, too.
Ooo. Well.
I hate to say this, but _________.

I won't say it, but you can fill in the blanks.

Okay, okay. I'm not smug.
You wanna know
my real blank-filler? It's
"Hey. If it weren't for the pushers and the lions,
there'd be no

'Today's Tuesday Morning's Scribute to 10am',
and no real happiness for me."
And hopefully, happiness for the
people who like the Scributes, too.

And I'm also getting
*something about reaping and sowing*,
so I better shut up before I get smoted.

But thank you, God, for the pushers and the lions.
I get it now.

More bittersweet lemons for the lemonade,
(which besides tonic water is my favorite drink)
here's my favorite mama-story so far.
Yes, I've told it before, but I can't help telling it again
because she is so funny.

One day about 5 years ago,
she read something I wrote and said,
"You know what? You should be a writer."
I said, "Well, I am. I'm a copywriter, for ad agencies."
She said, "Oh no no no, I mean a real writer."

Like I ever had a chance of being normal.
Or smug. I love saying that word... it's funny...

Thanks again, Big Daddy G.


bushra said...

hey bethany booklabmonkie! sounds like yer keeping yerself busy, can't wait to check out the new site. no update on itp wtf but i hope you're ok and things are on the up??

me said...

hello sweet b!! yes, I have been working on a looooong To Do List that gets longer the more i scratch things offit! i am doing so well that i have neglected to update the itpwtf or others, that's on The List, too -- but most important, i need to know how "you-two" are doing?!

bushra said...

i think i'm gonna be ok, the midwife thinks i was looking a bit pale so more iron blood tests, gah. she's also going to stick me on a course of iron at the next appointment. i guess that's why i get dizzy from sickness and the like, and it's good to know there's not summat sinister going on...!