Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Just in case you missed this at charlie's...

Someone. Help me, please, anyone. What do I do here.

Should I laugh or should I cry? Where do I look?! I'm so embarrassed, I don't even know where to look. And now, I'm guilty because they practiced so hard for so long. And now, I'm pissed because I wish I had that kind of time to practice so hard for so long. And now, I want popcorn and SnoCaps. What?

Is this child abuse?

This is how I felt at my grandmother's funeral. Now I feel guilty again.

Where do I look. Don't look at it again. OH NO. I looked.

You know, a little letter from J.K. Rowling's attourneys could stop this from ever happening again.

Wait a minute! I've got it! It's beautiful in its perfect imperfection, like in a wabi-sabi way.

Kids, you did a good job. Great job. Now stop that, don't do it again, and tell a trusted adult what just happened to you, and make sure you mention that the song "Beat It" was used.

There. No guilt, no more. Ohmm. Good monster, goo-o-o-o-d.

That was a close meltdown. Maybe it was the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice non-fat Latte combined with the crap music. Oh, come on. A Michael Jackson tune with dancing kids? No wonder I had an allergic-to-nuts reaction.

Damn, by the way, what a cool site Jay to the Kay Miss Money has...very nice!

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