Sunday, August 28, 2005

(...just something for you to look at whilst I try to find some "soft-foam rubber flip flops"...)

(...they're for my mom...)

( know you care...)

(...go figure, I went to Target to buy her a cheapie pair and for once, they got no damn cheapie flip flops...they got Barbie ones, they got Corona beer ones, they got Winnie the Pooh ones, they got the pink ones with beads and fringe...they got the ones that should be illegal because they are so toxic-looking, they got some made out of something that probably in used to insulate the outside of the space shuttle...they got plenty of Halloween candy, and I swear I saw a Santa, but no flips flops...not the ones I need anyway...

(...this can't be the real South without Made-in-China-4-dollar-on-sale-flip-flops galore...)

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