Monday, January 07, 2013

"Why I Stay Indoors Mostly" or "The World Makes No Sense"

jules: What's a sea biscuit?

me: A horse ... I'm gonna guess and say it's a salty biscuit. Y'know, how British biscuits are really cookies but they call them biscuits. They invented them. They can call them biscuits and not cookies. Because "cookies" aren't cooked. They're baked. Why aren't they called "bakies" instead ... y'know? ... aa-a-a-nnnd of course, now I have to Google it. "sea biscuit" ... it says, "a horse" so. "define: sea biscuit" ... aha, "a hard, salty biscuit" -- there. But I still don't understand why "cookies" aren't called "bakies". I mean, "stir fry" is stir fried. This is why I stay indoors mostly."


Star said...

Welcome back!

me said...

Hey, Star! I appreciate that ;^). I've been stuck in Facebook-town so long that I auto-looked around for the "Like" button for this comment. Sad commentary on myself. Hope all's well!