Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If you need me, I'm on Facebook.

Well, actually, I'm not. Not as much as once before. I thought Facebook would end up killing blogs, and to a certain degree, it's helped mine trickle down to a few drippy posts here and there. 

Plus, I've been working like a hamster. Here's a photo of me, at my desk.

But good thing for me, I do love my job.

And carrots.

And, the smell of fresh cedar chips.

And hiding under the washing machine or in tight corners.

I also like running around in a squeaky wire wheel. 

But Facebook has become a very busy place these days. And sometimes, I'd rather just tweet a carefuly crafted one-liner on Twitter than ramble on anymore.

YES, lucky for you. But anyway ...

Hmm. I feel a back-to-blogfest coming on.

Right after a long winter's nap.

And maybe a few carrots.


Star said...

Welcome back! Please don't abandon those of us, who prefer to follow you on the blog! Aaahh, now another theme to try to find, snap and share on my blog about Milan, Italy (http://mymilanitaly.blogspot.com). Thanks for the smiles!
P.S., I found you recently on the Blogs of Note list, which I scoured from beginning to end, so, no matter how long ago that recognition was, it still works!

me said...

Hey Star! Thank you and ooo, I love Milan. Bloggers unite. I'll keep up with you, too. Keep 'em coming.

david_4325@msn.com said...

Cute picture.