Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Today's Tuesday Morning's Scribute to 10am:

Ok, so it's not the usual Scribute today ~
it's beaded things I've been making instead.
More on that later.

Oh you care, you know you do.


bushra said...

totally! will you be putting them online for sale?

Anonymous said...

Those are really nice...I like the detail work and the beads you chose.

Memphismaaaan said...

Pretty, groovy.

me said...

Have I told you guys lately that I luv u-u-u? Awww, well-l-l-l, I do!

And hey Li'l Mama-to-be Bushra, I'm working on putting stuff online "Do Or Die" this weekend ~ as they say in Mississippanese, "hoo-whee" which loosely translated means "FI-nally"!

(These Mississippi-types can be so colorful with their colloquialims...)

Oy, MemphisMaaan ~ would you be available for lunch or dinner next week (I'm coming back to Memphis for a vist, that's the plan anyway...)

Patti, thank you! I wish I could send you a box of sunshine, literally ~ how's the weather in Toronto? Can I send you anything from Schwab's instead?

Anonymous said...

Hi there Beth...haven't checked in with you in while. Seems like you're blessing worked, we're having a gorgeously mild spell here in Toronto. How have you been?

me said...

Hello Patti! I have been chasing my tail, jumping through hoops, burning the candle at both ends, and being a lazy bum in the middle of it -- hope the weather is still sunny up there -- how are you??

Anonymous said...

I've been good Beth...great to hear from you and hope all is good with you too. Look how many times I've changed my little pic since this dialogue...lol.

Anonymous said...

And here I've changed av's once again...I wanted to wish you a Very Happy Easter Weekend Beth...have a good one!